Swedish Powerhouse Trio Brings Power Woman to the US Market

Swedish Powerhouse Trio Brings Power Woman to the US Market

Ever since our founding, the USA has been a land of dreams for us. Dream big or as we like to say, "Feel the Fear, do it anyway," and anything can happen. Together is stronger so we super-happy to take our belowed brand to the US market, not alone but with a Swedish Powerhouse Trio! 


The Swedish sportswear brand POWER WOMAN has achieved great success among female ultra-athletes in Europe. Together with performance marketing agency TangoScale as a co-owner and beauty brand FACE Stockholm as a 3PL partner, the POWER WOMAN Inc company is establishing the brand in the USA.

POWER WOMAN was founded in 2013 by ultra-athlete Anna Wretling, who saw a need for workout clothes designed for women in her sports of cycling, swimming, and running. The brand quickly became established in training circles and is frequently seen on successful athletes. Olympian and triathlete Lisa Nordén, boxer Mikaela Laurén, and American swimmer Lexie Kelly are some of the women who wear POWER WOMAN training apparel. Furthermore, the brand has more than 3,000 female athletes who are members of the Power Woman Athletic Club, which was the sports club with the most female participants globally in an Ironman competition in 2021.

"I wanted to create clothes that wouldn't slow me down, but rather give me power in my workouts and competitions. There was a lack of workout clothes with the best functionality and created for the female body. Additionally, I wanted beautiful functional clothes. POWER WOMAN is the epitome of a Balenciaga for sportswear", says Anna Wretling.

The Swedish retail sector has achieved great success in the US market during the 2010s, with sportswear brands such as Revolution Race and Stronger showing potential.

Cecilia Hjertzell, CEO Power Woman Inc

"The potential in the US market is enormous for our sports. Over 28,000 running races and 750 triathlon races are held annually, and the US also has an enormous swimming community. We are an outdoor brand, and our clothes are best suited for outdoor use. In the US, we can complement our e-commerce with a strong presence in the large racing market. We want to be where female athletes are", says Cecilia Hjertzell, CEO of POWER WOMAN Inc.


The establishment of POWER WOMAN in the USA is taking place with the founders of TangoScale, Axel Axelsson, and Cassin Mukire, who are also becoming co-owners of the American company.
"TangoScale handles all performance marketing for the Swedish company and has shown fantastic results since day one of the collaboration. It feels amazing to establish POWER WOMAN in the USA together with them," says Cecilia.

Cassin Mukire, Co-founder TangoScale

"We believe in 100% transparency and shared risk with all of our partners - we think that's the recipe for mutual success. For 2023, we have had a declared strategy of also investing in companies we believe in to some extent - and with POWER WOMAN Inc, it's a 110% match," says Axel. "Since the start of our collaboration with POWER WOMAN, we have seen a positive development. With Emil Westerlund and Oscar Ferrer Petersen and the team at POWER WOMAN, it has been impossible not to create a strong result. Now we are taking our experience from the European market and looking forward to creating a similar development for the American company," says Cassin.

Cecilia Hjertzell is a strong networker and has, among other things, been a co-founder of the networks CMOgoesTech and the sustainability network CIOCO2. "Martina and I came into contact through a mutual contact when Martina needed to find the right 3PL partner in Sweden. Collaboration is in our DNA. Martina has invaluable knowledge of building a company from scratch in the US with her own resources, and her fantastic positive energy makes everything feel possible!" says Cecilia, and she continues: "For me, it's a given to help and seek help from others. I'm so grateful for the advice and support I've received from people in my network. It's invaluable to learn from other people's experiences - both successes and mistakes!" She gives special thanks to Mathias Bjorkholm - Pickit, Petra Hilleberg - CEO of Hilleberg Tent, Lasse Karlsson - founder of Cheap Monday, Filip Francke - President of Ravensburg NA and former Helly Hansen executive, Mia Seipel - founder of Boob Design, and Jon Svardhagen - founder of Rekyl.org. 


Martina Arfwidson & Gun Nowak FACE Stockholm in co-lab with POWER WOMAN
Martina Arfwidson is the CEO of beauty brand FACE Stockholm, headquartered in Hudson, New York. Martina has been running the company in the USA since the 90s, together with her mother Gun Nowak. "This year we are turning 40 and we have been in retail before digitalization. We have always been strong in physical retail and understood the importance of owning our properties early on. In our warehouse building in Hudson, we have a capacity that is larger than our own needs. When Cecilia told us about her thoughts on expanding to the USA, it felt natural for POWER WOMAN to move into our premises. Both my mother and I think it's especially nice that it's also a company with Scandinavian roots, founded by women," says Martina.



Licensing company for POWER WOMAN AB in the North American market. www.powerwoman.us
Contact person:
Cecilia Hjertzell, CEO

About TangoScale AB

TangoScale helps valuation-driven e-commerce companies grow digitally.
Contact person:
Cassin Mukire, Co-founder

About FACE Stockholm & FACE Stockholm Distribution LLC

Manages the global distribution for FACE Stockholm and now also provides 3PL services.
Contact person:
Martina Arfwidson, CEO

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